The new specialized langster

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Im a langster owner, the 2006 black version.

Did not much like last years version and also did not think that much of the new 2008 version for this country. You know, that red and white london styled bike.

However, I went into my LBS and as well as having the red and white version they also have a 2008 racing green retro version. Had a good look at it and I must say I am very impressed. Not with a lot of the parts but the styling of the frame is good.

I also noticed that there is a new fixed/singlespeed tricross with knobbly tires.

The singlespeed tricross


The new langster


Anyone else seen these bikes and what do you think?


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i`m going to look at them soon as thats what i had my choices down to, I especially like the tricross, sounds like an I deal commuter. Apparently also its got the facility to add a rear derailuer etc ? So if you wanna get it geared up you can do that.


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Is it just me, or do they fit a very small chainring as standard?

Oh, and it's still wrong, shouldn't be allowed on the street, the wrongster that is.....


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zimzum42 said:
Is it just me, or do they fit a very small chainring as standard?

Oh, and it's still wrong, shouldn't be allowed on the street, the wrongster that is.....

Think langster is a 42x16 and the tricross is a 42x18 ? I`ve tried both gears in and out to work on my current bike and they are doable, even tho my journey is undulating. However the 16 is certainly alot harder work. I think anything bigger on the front is asking for knee joint trouble :biggrin:


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don't listen to them two - they just moan about the words 'compact', 'aluminium' and 'fixed' in the same forum thread.

and god forbid you use the 'lang...' word

sends then over the edge.

I bought a langster recently - I didn't like the london version either, the green one looks ok, but I liked the 07 'rust' coloured one so got it and saved £50. it's a nice bike. The gearing is ideal for around Blackpool - what slopey bits we have are do-able and i can keep it at a nice 17-19mph at a reasonable cadence.


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We have inclines in London, yes.....

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There's a Green Langster as you pictured outside our Athletics club (have not located its owner yet), it's a lovely looking bike....I'd not given them a glance before...bit too plain-Jane, but that new one is pretty damn sexy, i'd consider one on looks alone.

I'm not hard enough....42x15 for me.


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i don't know, but i am fairly certain i went up an incline the other day, the far horizon seemed to be ever so slightly higher than the road immediately in front of me. my heartrate leapt, i stood up out of the saddle and honked all the way up constitution hill.


did somebody say 'langster'?

(has minor fit)

(eats own shoe)

(conforms to type))

someone bought a london langster down to bike polo the other day. everyone was very polite and all, but it was a bit like bringing a bacon sandwich to a bah mitzvah.


That green one is the 'standard' 2008 Langster. Spesh's website has it as $50USD cheaper than the 'theme city' ones. Which are fugly.
what are these langsters like to ride? i'm thinking of getting a stripped down fixed for summer use then i don't have to take all the luggage off the present one. i've looked at the fuji in steel which is what all my present bikes are and have to admit to never having ridden an alu/carbon bike.
peejay78 said:
the fuji is great. very light.

summer? isn't it winter now?

yeh, but i've been riding my winter fixed bike all year and thought of treating myself to something lighter and stripped down for one of those "landmark" birthdays next year - that way i don't have to part with much of my money to get one.;)
hard to decide between fuji and langster.;)
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