The Pen is King

Does anyone like a pen? Any collectors?

I often feel I should own a nice pen, a good quality writing instrument, I don't why, I rarely write anything longhand. I've owned a couple of Mont Blanc pens in the past but was underwhelmed by them when I used them and sold them on the bay of e.

What d'ya think, are pens the future or like the railways, outmoded, outdated relics that should be relegated to history.


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For the last 40 years I've been using my Grandad's old Parker ballpoint; it's so old that the gold plating is wearing off the top but I'm very attached to it and am always upset when I think I've lost it. My Grandad was a writer, gunnery correspondent with the North Atlantic fleet in 1917-1919 and light opera critic for The Times in later life, as well as a self-published writer of about eight volumes of poetry. I also enjoy writing... been published a few times but not paid so either there's some inherited talent there or the Parker has magical powers. The point is that it's a nice writing instrument that bears honourable signs of a long life and it would be a shame to relegate it to a drawer.
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Unfortunate thread title ...? :whistle:

Ok, it is just me. I seem to misread things like that! :laugh:

PS As for pens ... I have not owned a 'proper' pen since my grammar school changed its rules and allowed the use of ballpoint pens. That would be about 44 years ago. It's a pity because I did quite like the old pens, but convenience took priority.

I once had to rewrite a multipage essay because my teacher refused to mark anything written in ballpoint pen!

On the general theme of writing as opposed to typing ... I make lots of mistakes now due to brain damage that I suffered from carbon monoxide poisoning. It also affects my typing, but I can just go back and edit the problematic sections.
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It's nice to have nice things, you value them and take care of them. I don't know anything about pens but won a Cross model a few years back, I love it, it only comes out of the box for special occasions and if somebody "borrows" it and doesn't replace it correctly, like leaving the nib out so it spoils the box felt inner, then there is hell on.

I think it's RRP was about £100, that seemed astonomical to me, then again I still have the Cross but have probably lost a 100 others in that time (care/ value). It was surprise to me to find out that people collected pens, how weird was that? Tbh, I dare not look in case it sends me off, like with wristwatches.


Had to double take the title - at first sight I though it said The Penis King.


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I hate writing with anything but a good quality fountain pen. And if I'm writing anything of substance I have to sit and write it out on paper before I type as I cant touch type.
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