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No. We're getting nine P8s
What 737's ? A plane plagued with disaster !


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Had a Saab Viggen fly over at the weekend following its display at the Southport airshow.(Not my photo I hasten to add, wasn't quick enough to get the camera out) and it does have a very nice outline. Although its a similar design to the Typhoon, it seems more balanced somehow. Not bad for a 50 year old jet!


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Apparently it was flying below the cloud to prevent the stealthy paint being washed off !
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Not showing now
For obvious reasons most front-line military aircraft, unlike their civilian counterparts, don't transmit details of their position that would allow them to be easily plotted by the flight-trackers.

It's still possible to determine their approximate location by picking up the signals sent by them simultaneously with several receivers and using a technique called multilateration (broadly analogous to triangulation), so if you see fast jets or bombers plotted on the flight-trackers, that's how they are doing it.
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