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Flouncing Nobber
That is indeed a Vampire.

Military birds have transponders and in non combat or non training scenarios - for example, ferrying or transporting through civilian airspace in peacetime - will use them in much the same way civil aircraft do. They have their own rules for training, response and combat, and that's when they get switched off (or if they're being really sneaky switch to a suitable code to emulate a civilian aircraft).

The likes of the typhoon responding to Russkie intruders won't run them, and Daves description of how they're tracked is excellent.


Richmond ,Surrey
Vampire in the first picture?
I think so , very small aircraft ,
Yep , there wasn’t many German machines at Hendon , but the 109 is most likely most famous of their WW2 planes , so good to be able to see one up close, I met an old Luftwaffe instrument fitter during my time in Australia , he was attaché to 109 squadrons in the 40’s , very interesting man
I seem to remember that they had a Heinkel He 111, and Junkers Ju 88, Ju 87.
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