The primal blueprint .

Discussion in 'Training, Fitness and Health' started by Cuchilo, 5 Jan 2018.

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    I'm still early on into the book but so far i cant see anything that will cause harm . He talks alot about modern lifestyle and how that effects everyone in the family and why .
    I dont need to lose weight and find the explanation of whats going on in your body with lifestyle and food very interesting as i dont know anything about the subject . Not being over weight means i dont read a lot of diet books . It was suggested to me by a friend who's a fitness instructor when i mentioned i race TT's but at a loss when it comes to diet to support my training .
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    Dogtrousers do you mean untreated water is bad for you? No chlorine and whatever else they put into it nowadays.
    For about the first 40 years of my life the water we drank was sometimes filtered but otherwise untreated. When I did photography after washing prints in the bath there was a fine collection of tiny snails left. When I was an agricultural student I had a great interest in parasites so no need to lecture me. When I tour I often drink brown peaty water from moorland burns after checking up as far as seems reasonable. If it looks like a suitable “toilet stop” I certainly move on.
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