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Updated my comment after posting, sorry. They'd do very well to begin with (assuming they were acclimatised to the seasons being reversed) because their new prey would be completely unadapted to deal with land-based predators (the natural predators of penguins are seals who attack from the water). (think humans and the dodos)

More young polar bears making it to adulthood would cause a population explosion, until the penguins ran out, then they'd be screwed.
Very well explained. Thanks for that!:okay:


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Which is correct?



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Oh too easy'

It's as per the diagramm .

Shovels are for transferring quantities of material.

Spades are for digging.

If i was a proper tool nerd :angel: i'd post a line up of my assorted spades and shovels for all functions.

Including the native 'Devon' Shovel...

I know - thrills !!!

But you'll be pleased to hear that there is still some actual werk to do here -

of a Friday afternoon nature.


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@mudsticks, Trenching shovel is for digging.

Which diagram, neither are the same.
The one at the top with the arrers.

Yes trenching shovel is indeed for digging trenches, but trenching does also require shifting of said material out of the trench - otherwise there isn't really a trench..

So we could argue, with some validity that, the trenching shovel is in fact a dual purpose tool..


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