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Was known as Wyke, however there's a Wyke in the West Riding.
yup, Kingston = King's Town
So it was Wyke, and then it became Kings Town upon Hull (it says here) - but there are, apparently, 8 other places in the UK called Kingston, and a further 9 places called Kinsgston - something - including Kingston on Thames, which has a wee bit of history. So presumably it was 'Hull' so as not to get confused with other Kingstons?

Surely it's time to rebrand Newcastle, given that the castle is over 900 years old?
With their tounges?
Er,what else can one lick with I ask?:biggrin:


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Another question. If polar bears only live in the north pole,why not put a few in the south pole and see if they like it or not?
I imagine the polar bears would like it very much - at first. The penguins, on the other hand, would probably die out within a decade or so, followed shortly by the antarctic seals and the polar bears that were relocated down there.


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Why only at first? :scratch:
Updated my comment after posting, sorry. They'd do very well to begin with (assuming they were acclimatised to the seasons being reversed) because their new prey would be completely unadapted to deal with land-based predators (the natural predators of penguins are seals who attack from the water). (think humans and the dodos)

More young polar bears making it to adulthood would cause a population explosion, until the penguins ran out, then they'd be screwed.
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