The Retirement Thread

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Blue sky and sunshine.......I didnt see that coming.
I have to go into town to book seats for the flights and get them to book us in online (whatever the phrase is).
I think lunch will be at a tapas bar (so much for my crash diet).
I may get a 10 miler in this afternoon, the last one on this bike as it goes in part ex this week :sad:.


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Intense leg workout complete. 200 crunches with a 20kg disc held against my chest, and some dynamic tension work on my left side. Would dearly love to work on the right, but I'm being 100% good until the Doctor tells me to.

Breakfast of a Cambridge bar. Not as bad as it sounds.


Morning fellow peeps.

Surprisingly sunny here in North Wales, but got a bad neck and headache, so may just take the Westfield out for a short blast instead of scrunching my neck and shoulders up by going on a ride
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