The Retirement Thread

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If 6 Was 9
A thread specially for 'persons of leisure' and independent means, or those with aspirations.
How do you while away those lazy days?
How do you cope financially?
When did you retire?
Is retirement what you expected?
How long did you take to adjust?

Tell us what you are up to today or what plans you have.
Or just have a bit of silliness to while away those lazy hours.

I've been busy today. Hilly 15 mile ride in North Devon, took dog for a stroll along Saunton Sands, cut the front lawn, leisurely pub lunch at the Tarka Inn overlooking the estuary, bit of shopping and now going to nap off my lunch. Never a moment spare! :smile:
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Bobby Mhor

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Cycle most days,
Housework, awfy small garden to look after.
Other hobbies take up a fair bit of time.
I have found out knowing and seeing others who 'retired' same time as me, who keep busy and who don't...
I'm two years and 6 days into my early retirement.

not the same but manage by.

The first couple of months it felt like an extended holiday, since then, it feels like sometimes not enough time in the day (and the option to just roll over if you can't be bothered)

Advantage cycle wise? picking and choosing the time out and time in, warning - I can go out for a two-hour cycle and take 4 plus on occasion. Socialising its called.


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How do you while away those lazy days? - Lounging about (too much of it, if I'm honest). Reading, good long walks, cycle rides, SAR voluntering. Sort of half heartedly looking for a part time job.

How do you cope financially? Pension + Injury Award, Mrs D's pension, savings, profit from previous house sales, small rental income from my other place.

When did you retire? Officially in October 2016, but my last actual working day was in July.

Is retirement what you expected? Yeah.

How long did you take to adjust? I'm not entirely sure that I have yet, but I'm only 48 so plenty of time.

rich p

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I still do some part-time work but most of my time is taken up with grandchildren care, damage limitation gardening, housework, shopping, cooking, and some way down the list, cycling.
Financially, I'm able to tick over with a smallish pension, savings and my pin money.
My son, being a butcher, means that fillet steaks are free...:hungry:

Hill Wimp

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Keep it up chaps.

I have 300 odd working days to go at most then I too will be doing one of the gazillion things i never get enough time to do because work gets in the way.
I did 25 years in the Royal Navy and semi-retired in 2010.

Worked as a freelance safety consultant for events and exhibitions, working maybe 50-60 days a year, 90% overseas...............................

........................until this year when I went back full time as a safety consultant.

I was bored with all the time off, I needed something to keep me occupied and although I have increased my work-rate, I am loving it.


Royal Mail decided in it's wisdom to allow thousands of senior staff all grades to retire at 56.You got your pension and a tax free lump sum.It was a no brainer.
So i did loads of charity work first of all.Then my knee started playing up,so i was asked to rest it for four months.It correctedit'self.I stoppedv charity work for a couple of years.
I started again at a lunch club,i gave that up as i was feeling tired all the time,sleeping was a problem due to the prostate,but i did not know this at the time.
So now i am general dogsbody,cleaner,chef,housemaid,all round do it all bloke.Sometimes i get fed up.But money wise we have no worries,i am enjoying my two at Uni,we visit regular when they need something.
Started cycling again gardening again after enforced layoff.Read a lot.just general life things,but have more time to do things.August 2006 it all began,i don't know how Royal Mail could let us all go up and down the country.It does not make sense,but i'm happy.
I haven't retired - I'm only 57 FFS - but I only work 6-7 months a year and have done for the last 13 years, thanks to my seasonal job.

When not working I like to doss on and around beaches in hot cheap countries such as India, Cambodia, Thailand, Vietnam or partake a long cycle tour (down through Europe or around a small part of Australia's coast, with maybe a US trip planned in a few years).

The misses isn't as fortunate as me - she has to work (but has a lot more money) so she only joins me for 3-5 weeks most times. But, being a teacher, she has long summer holidays, whilst I'm slaving away in the summer sun.

If I can continue to do this until I retire, I'll be very happy.

I like working, but I like not working even more! :becool:
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