The Show Us Yer Slippers Thread


real men don't wear slippers... or something like that.

I find they make my feet to hot so haven't worn them since about the age of 8.

Fake Birkenstocks and socks for my "man about the house" look.
That reminds me of the hospital doctor talking to his patient joke. 'We have some bad news, we had to amputate both legs, but we also have some good news! The patient in that bed over there wants to buy your slippers'. :whistle:

An alternative: “The bad news is we amputated the wrong leg, but the good news is your other leg is getting better!”
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Juan Kog

permanently grumpy
No way! Fashion disaster of the Century!

At there absolute worst on middle aged guys and more so when worn with 3/4 length trousers.

Oh No I don’t want to be a middle aged fashion disaster.

I’ve given mine to Charlie Chimp.


65 - made it!
Oh No I don’t want to be a middle aged fashion disaster.
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I’ve given mine to Charlie Chimp.

Look here, he is undeniably cute but he is not Charlie the Chimp, he is an imposter, this is the real Charlie the Chimp cos it says so on the back and was named by the artist:


My early birthday present. Saw him in a local store months ago and I was miffed when he disappeared. Turns out Mrs SD had nabbed him for me.


Flouncing Nobber
Pipe, slippers, Val Doonican on the hi-fi that's what comes to my mind when slippers are mentioned.

What a ghastly triumverate. :ohmy: 😄
I wear slippers and cardigans and smoke a pipe. I am clearly a lost cause.
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