The today's weather where you are thread


Into my 64th
Lake District (SE).

Absolutely chucking it down against a backdrop of a dark grey sky.

Central heating on.

Not remotely inspiring and can't even drag myself onto the turbo ilo a proper ride today.


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SW London, pleasant, a little cloudy, much cooler but still around 24. Working (at home) currently but might go out for an hour at lunchtime as looks perfect for a pedal (and I need milk)

Can’t complain as it’s been very hot for sleeping


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Denmark..Hot and humid.


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I don't know what the temperature is outside because my external thermometer is bust (unless it really IS 86.7 degrees C! :laugh:) but it is certainly pretty warm. It is still nearly 22 degrees in this room without any heating on anywhere in the house.

It is really overcast and wet here today though. I was going to cycle to the shops but I don't have mudguards on my singlespeed bike so I think I'll walk instead unless there is a break in the weather, which looks a bit unlikely - it is one of those days where the rain will be more on than off all day.

We have had a good hot spell leading up to this so the moors above here must have dried up. The ground seems to be absorbing a lot of the water rather than just dumping it down into the river in the valley, unless the environment agency have got their calculations completely wrong!

Calder level.png

This is what happens when the ground is saturated and THEN we get heavy rain!

Flood alert.png
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