There's no easy way to say this so..........

............I'll just blurt it out. After about 10 miles in the saddle my knob goes to sleep :rolleyes:. It gets tingly, like pins and needles, then feels like it's been given a local anaesthetic followed by acute numbness (or should that be numbnuts :laugh:). Is this bizarre occurence unique to me, or a common event for all? I should say that I ride a road bike.........:biggrin:


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Sounds like you have the wrong saddle, or the setup of the saddle totally wrong.


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It should be said that the numb penis feeling is caused by a restriction of of the blood supply to said region. Don't continue riding if this is happening because it can have nasty long term effects.

Get it sorted a.s.a.p.


ianrauk said:
Had same problem until I got one of these

from Chain Reaction
Be warned, this saddle increases your sperm count. :biggrin:


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Apparently if this keeps going for a long time it can lead to impotency!!!

You and Pele might end up on the same blue tabs!!!;)


Not too concerned with the impotency as I had the snip 20 years ago ;). I DO need to have a play around with the saddle though. It is fairly horizontal at the moment. I shall try and tilt it forward a little, if no better then I shall look for a more suitable bum rest. Are those gel covers any good, or not worth bothering with?


If you tilt the saddle down at the front, you may find that you are constantly sliding forward. Try riding and getting out of the saddle a bit more to pedal to keep the flow going. You only have to alter your position occasionally and that should solve the problem.

It happens to me all the time on the turbo, but I just stand to pedal for about 30 secs every now and again and it sorts the problem. Out on the road, it never happens as I'm always changing position.

If it does carry on, then its more than likely your saddle.


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BilboSmeggins said:
That's saved a few bob then :sad:
I tried a gel cover on the hybrid bike saddle. They feel great initialy but after a few hours terrible, rub in all the wrong places and it got hot and sweaty down there.
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