They are out in force

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Read the first page, read the last page, didn't see anything I wanted to engage with. No debate, discussion or sense - just name-calling.


Indeed. But that forum (if we want to call it a forum at all, that is) performs a valuable service and we really should be grateful for it:
Our users have posted a total of 161847 articles
We have 3190 registered users
If that means 3190 idiots - correction: about 3180 idiots plus about ten 'infiltrators' from the commonsense side of things - are spending more time typing 161847 pieces of drivel, they're spending less time propelling their murder-machines at monstrous speeds through our towns. Stands to reason. Thank you, thank you, [the late] PS, for doing this for our sakes! :blush::ohmy:
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