Things that have bothered you for a long time.


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Not entirely true. Our garden waste is still being collected. We pay extra for this service which probably encouraged the operator to keep the service going.
Our garden waste collections stopped at the start of the lockdown, but just started again this week. We have to pay £56 annually for the service.

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Still on the subject of overgrown privets,i forgot to mention the trees! These are worse than the privets as they have branches which as you know you can't just whack them out the way like soft privet material. One i see is an apple tree,so it dumps dozens of apples on the pavement,which the owner just leaves to rot and cause an obstruction. Believe it or not this same person every now and then makes small placard signs which he/she pushes into the grass verge outside their property,warning dog owners about leaving dog crap on the grass verge. Yeah,you can get off your arse to make those signs i say to myself,but you can't be bothered to cut those fecking branches back and pick up your rotting fruit you @!!~#! :ninja:The next time i see one of those signs i'm gonna pull it out the ground and chuck it back over their wall!
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Rorschach tests: who on Earth would tell their psychiatrist the pictures made them think of a puppy being tortured, or a woman doing something unspeakable with a pterodactyl?


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Why do the people who have time to call into radio phone-in shows or comment on online newspaper articles seem to know about how the country should be run than the actual government?
What've we to lose...
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