This cycling lark seems to be contagious.

SGG on a bike

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As you may, or may not know, me and Mrs SGG rekindled our cycling during the lockdown and she's made huge progress with her abilities, to the point where her old clunker was holding her back. An upgrade was in order, so we managed to obtain a Merida Crossway 40 for her. Nice enough bike and seems well made. Personally, I wouldn't have had the bouncy seat post or front suspension and had the benefit of the weight saving, but for our riding, it makes little difference. She's over 300 miles in on it now and it finally feels like home.

Anyway, the point of this post, as per title, is that my sis in law has decided to follow suit and join in our daily rides on Mrs SGG's old clunker. Whether she'll keep it up remains to be seen, but she's keen enough at the moment. She did do a fair bit of cycling in her younger days, so there's a good chance she will.
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