This looks very interesting, just expensive for all it is


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Yeah, I have seen a few FB ads for that

Looks good, but (as you say) very expensive - for what is basically an upside-down bottle cage

I wouldn't mind trying one though. It does have the added benefit of making the saddle position more flexible (pardon the pun)


Never used or seen anything like that before but it looks quite weak to me although the exact opposite is probably true. I suppose at 13 quid it's worth a punt if you are having issues with your current setup.


It does look interesting.

I've always held that on a geared/freewheel bikes, it's the legs that are your shock absorbers and it's only when you are tired that you start getting saddle soreness as your legs no longer work as effective shock absorbers.

But it has made me think that on my fixed bike, which I use for TT's and you get stuck in a fixed position and cannot ease yourself off the saddle to give respite with continuous pedaling. Might be worth at £13 giving is a try and it looks as if you could achieve a more forward position as well.


Look like a poor design which will eventually snap, no chance would I use it.


Things like this, along with the ludicrously overpriced red electric pump, the portable white electric pump with the video of the bloke bouncing a track pump up and down on a table (as if anyone ever inflates a tyre like that), the track mitts which have ripped off an image of Dan Lloyd from a GCN video and gel seat covers, tend to clog up my FB feed and get dismissed as a load of unnecessary bobbins :okay:

In this particular case, as well as not fancying entrusting my knackers to it, it seems like a fairly efficient way of converting my energy input into heat and also, given the right set of circumstances such as a uniformly bumpy path, a brilliant way of reducing the efficiency of every single pedal stroke :whistle:


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Yes there are colo-rectal surgeons who deal with that kind of nasty injury.

Wasn't there a similar thing a few years ago called an Allsop beam or something? It was much longer and you attached it to the top tube. They're the kind of thing you'd find being sold in Lakeland, the shop full of solutions looking for a problem.

I did once buy a USE suspension seat post and it was utter garbage, all the muddy spray from the rear wheel went in and jammed it solid.
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