This thefts got to be 'gutting'...

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Th escum of the earth live in England...I hope they catch the bastards & publicly flog them


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Obviously people pinch bikes every day, but it wasn't just a bike to me - I have so many experiences associated with it.

Yes, my 19 year old tourer was pinched after many rather less epic rides, but I know how he feels..


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asterix said:
..a serial round-the-world bike stealer is at large?:biggrin:

Apparently so:
From Times Online
May 9, 2006
Round-the-world cyclist's bike stolen in UK

He's been knocked down by a truck in the Chilean desert, chased by a mob through the streets of Haiti, burnt by a volcano in Central America, and arrested and shot at more times than he cares to remember.

But in 44 years on the road, covering 335,000 miles or more than ten times around the Earth, Heinz Stücke has always had his lucky bicycle for company - until this week, when the German 'Bike Man' had it stolen within a few hours of arriving in the UK...



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Bigtallfatbloke said:
Th escum of the earth live in England...I hope they catch the bastards & publicly flog them

You're mistaken that it's an English problem, bike theft is the same as in the rest of Europe.
I've heard of a cyclist having his bike stolen in Mongolia, two girls having theirs stolen off a train in India, a couple being mugged at knifepoint for their bikes in Poland, a guy in the US having his stolen while he lay bleeding after being knocked off...
Equally sad post on Velovision.

Adam Hart-Davis has had his collection stolen, including the trademark yellow and pink mountain bike.

While I was away on holiday this month, burglars smashed their way into my garage (crowbars etc.) and stole the following cycles (which were locked to Sheffield stands inside):

Trice Explorer red/orange/blue, frame no 3048, with black rear rack, suspension, 81 gears, side bar-bag fixing etc.

Trice Pixie white, frame no 2121

Birdy red, frame no P9032778, aluminium rack

British Eagle Trail MTB pink/yellow, 17 yrs old, serial no 00308/9; police security register no 52 998 00085

Al Carter Hondo Creek 500LX MTB blue/grey, 14 yrs old, serial no 4920513654; police security register no 52 998 00086

If any of these cycles crosses your path, please phone Redland Police Station (Bristol) 0117 945 4423, quoting crime ref. B/2699/20092007/01 (PC2699 Matt Lonsdale).

Many thanks,
Adam Hart-Davis 27 September 2007


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Road Fiddler said:
This bike was recovered later after it was found abandoned, some chav took it to get home it seems. The guy didn't lock his bike when it was taken.

I've seen that bike, and you have to hand it to the chav, he must have had a few muscles to get it moving... I think it was chiselled out of solid cast iron...

Fitting punishment for bike thieves is of course, is for the saddle to fall off after a few hundred yards, preferably at speed, and for the seatpost to therefore be inserted somewhere it shouldn't...


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I've often dreamt of getting an old bike chaining it somewhere busy, at the top of a hill and chasing the first thief. Obviously the brakes would be completely ineffective....


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On our bikes!
We just met a couple who had their bike stolen while wild camping in Romania, and they had the bikes locked with two locks outside their tent. It really can happen anzwhere. Our bikes are currently locked in the lobby of our hotel and the manager swears they are safe but I really want to take them up to our too-small room :biggrin: :biggrin:
There was a programme a couple of years ago called "Swag" that targetted thieves, an example of their work is here:

SWAG clip

They had a bicycle that sprayed paint over the thief from a nozzle in the headset!
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