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Is it just me?
Threads on: salad; kiddies bikes in front of a garage; track pump ends; philiophy (WTAF!)
I’ll be over at YACF if anyone needs me.
A thread started without the slightest hint of irony. It’s highly unlikely anyone will need you. Cheerio.


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It is not compulsory to read all the posts. 🙄


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People are bored at home in lockdown.
There is a long and distinguished history of stupid threads, some reach legendary status.
I’m finding CC to be a good diversion from the boredom.
You know some of those threads started even before covid! I think some people are mentally inclined to think that way. Ps: I am the philosophy thread starter. Or am I? I think I did therefore I am. I doubt it could have been me therefore I may be. BTW my job is that I'm the guy who sits next to the red button waiting for a phonecall telling me I have to launch the nukes. I past all the psycho tests too.
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