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Been a while since i logged in but still thinking of a ti bike been looking at the spa elan and Ribble ti. I cycle with a local clarion and by myself. But im thinking of some light touring.... Any advice out there?


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Go for a test ride on the ones on your shortlist. Ride a steel or carbon one in same style as a reference point. A bike is so much more than just the material it is made out of.


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As above. If planning to tour, check it has the mounting points needed.
Spa v good for test rides and customisation (there may not be so much option with Ribble or others. Essentially you build your own spec with Spa, including handbuilt wheels)
Planet X Ti are also well regarded


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Try a few. Like budget carbon, budget Ti is often surprisingly mundane, so be prepared to spends some dollar, and to cock a leg over a couple to check that you're happy the reality is living up to your expectations,


Try some out. I've looked the ribble CGR a few times.
They are a great looking bike close up wide range of tyre clearance and option for 650 wheels along with full mounts for rack and mudguards.
Have a look at the bike builder and see what spec may suit you.
can Plant X one looks good too though limited on tyre size
Only you will know which.

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I've just been to Spa Cycles for a test ride on their Spa Elan. They ensured I had the right size bike and that the saddle was set up correctly. Then they have me great directions to a cycleway. They sent me off for two hours. The bike is great.No pressure. Great advice. I'd recommend them but a test ride at your local bike shop is a great idea.
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