Time Trial PB's

I managed to get a PB on the C25/22 of 1min and 15s on Saturday afternoon. I got held up at two roundabouts and it was in 30deg heat. So I'm confident on another day I could go faster again but I am pleased with the 1h2m53s. Lol it's the first time I have finished a TT and been barely able to stand up but I finished and a lot of folk didn't so I finished 16th 😂
The OTs aren't up yet but if Garmin is right I've managed an all time PB of 1min and 10s on a 10miler today with a 22:30 down at Cambourne. I think I can improve on that as I got held up at the turn and had a 5.5miles finish into a 20.8mph headwind.

Edit OTs are in and the Garmin is 3seconds out it was a 22:33 :hyper:
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I did a 30miles PB today, which wasn't hard as it was the first time I've did the distance. I paced it a bit conservatively thinking about what I could sustain for longer. If Highways England goes ahead and resurfaces the road near Mulbarton I may do a 50 or even a 100 on it next year.
As per my run of luck this year I had to indulge in a bit of track standing at a roundabout (who would have known Attleborough was so popular :laugh:). I came away with a circa 1:09:46 according to Garmin, we'll see what the OT says though :okay:


Sunny Suffolk
Managed to bag a 10 PB on Saturday with a 19:15 on the E2/10. It wasn't a float day by any means (I have gone 4s slower of 20w less on a float day), but the weather was kind enough to allow a quick time. Also managed to back it up the next morning with a 19:20 on the B10/38. A pretty good weekend.
Its still to be ratified but if the Strava segment (+6/7secs) is accurate I've managed a circa 3mins course PB on the B25/8 today. Its about 30s of my all time PB back in May but there's a couple of miles of patched concrete road where I had one hand on the base bar to control those bumps and Highways England are due to fix it so fingers crossed for that next year.
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