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Discussion in 'Training, Fitness and Health' started by Chris.IOW, 22 Jul 2012.

  1. Chris.IOW

    Chris.IOW Well-Known Member

    Not sure if Tingling is quite the right description, but, at the end of my last couple of rides I've noticed that i have a tingling sensation in my hands a fingers and when touching things, (e.g. the screen on my phone) they feel sort of hollow and seem to vibrate inside! Bit difficult to describe really.

    Anyway it seems to die down over about 20 mins - 1/2 Hour but I was just wondering if anyone had experienced anything similar? I'm assuming it's caused by the vibration from the road but wasn't sure if gloves with more padding or less padding might help. Don't want to end up with HAVS from cycling!

  2. Finnjävel

    Finnjävel Senior Member

    I've had similar feelings, gel padded gloves seem to help some.
    I've used full finger models from Gore, not sure if they are really designed for drop bars though. Maybe there are some road bike specific models?
  3. Blue

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    N Ireland
    Moving your hands to different positions every few minutes may help - assuming this is the usual circulation problem than many cyclists encounter.
  4. ASC1951

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    First thing to check is whether your bike is set up properly - too much weight on your hands will give you problems, no matter how often you change position or what gloves you wear. There are lots of websites on this. I had a £50 BikeFit on a jig, which was expensive but a) came off the cost of the new bike and b) gave me a printout to set up every bike since.

    My bike was then spot on for me e.g. I can ride all day without gloves, but I still got the tingles in the hands and forearm. Physio diagnosed weak/unbalanced wrist extensors and gave me an exercise with a small weight - grip 16oz bean tin between little finger and thumb, rest forearm over edge of table etc, slowly flex wrist up and down across full range. Something like 20 reps 5 times a day, which I did watching telly in a chair. It completely cured the problem in two or three weeks and I've never had it since.

    Physio reckoned it was a fairly common issue with people who do sustained mileage including hills, in that even if you change your hand position you still tend to haul in one direction. Your tingles may have a different cause, of course, but after checking your saddle/bar position you could give the tin a go.
  5. PpPete

    PpPete Guru

    Chandler's Ford
    You don't mention how long your rides were to give you this symptom?
    I get similar on audaxes of 400km and over, but you might struggle to do that sort of mileage where you are without "falling off the edge" ?
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