Tire Size for outer rim 24mm?


Hi again everyone,
I purchased a wheelset (Novatec) on Alibaba. They are 406 20 inch wheels with an outer rim of 24mm and inner rim 18mm would a tire of 1.38 or 1.40 fit?

I found continental tires on sale with these specification for 20 inch tires.


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General rule of thumb is multiply inner rim size by just under 1.5 to 2 and those sizes will fit.
so for a 18mm inner rim, tyres between 27 - 36mm should be ok. 1.38" is 35mm so they should be ok.


Okay thanks. Ended up getting the ERTO 37-406 schwalbe marathon plus 20" city tyre-smartguard 1.35" tires. They were on sale for 22USD apiece so I bought 3 of these.

With an 18mm inner diameter I am guessing these are good?
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