Today I shall mostly be.....


......folding and unfolding my brompton.

This weekend is a very rare "nothing to do" weekend.

I am not on call, my OH is working long day shifts (14 hrs), my son is at his dads.
My usual routes are too icy for a ride still.

So I've spent a fair bit of time folding and unfolding my newly repaired brompton. It's been at the bike shop since I got knocked over in July, picked it up yesterday.
I'd lost the knack of folding the pedal, do had to relearn how to do that.
As well as repairs I had a rack and easy wheels attached, so have spent a bit of time rolling it on the easy wheels, just cos I can.

Might have an afternoon snooze now!
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Someone else here with a rest weekend, I've cycled the last three Sundays, two of those cold and frosty ones, I'm having tomorrow off and I've nothing planned except a bit of bike maintenance, we had the son and granddaughter round this morning, we've been shopping and had lunch in Morrisons and thats been it for today.

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I'm having a lazy one too!
36 miles and circuits yesterday and a ride tomorrow.

My day has consisted of pruning Apple trees for friends and pressure washing my driveway. Exciting eh?

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Ya, me too! Just a quickie though!! Been up since 7 with the kids. Took them swimming, went shopping, made lunch, cleared the dishwasher, monitored them playing (fights!), washed daughters hair, played a board game with sonny, washed the bathroom. The good (ahem) lady has now dropped daughter at her best mates house for a sleepover and taken the boy to get some football boots (££!!!!!!!) and I've just made a cuppa. Time for a few Z's :thanks:


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out on the bike for a quick 13 mile lap at 7am back in bed just before 8am got up about 10 , then after breakie a nice 2 mile walk ten visit local charity shop and local coop for a paper , popped into see parents home for lunch .

put some recently acquired wheels up in the loft for better storage then of to local garden centre followed by a stroll around some of sywell reservoir .

a quick cup of tea whilst listing some bits on e bay and here then a bit of gentle perusing and paying for latest on line purchase .

great beef casserole for tea once kitchen tidied our nightly stroll around the block , finally sit down to watch Guy Martin and his Spitfire .

Now perusing and buying whilst other half is reading so a fairly busy day here !


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Got up feeling like crepe after night shift so thought i would go for a ride in the afternoon but ended up taking kids swimming and now dealing with the " i got a sore throat " whinging from the eldest .
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