Tomatoes: Really poor season!


It's our potatoes that have been poor plus lots of stuff have bolted.


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Mine have started in with blight already , even in the polytunnel.

Too dull and humid, at all the wrong times.

Some years just end up like that :sad:


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I’ve given up with tomatoes. My first year was tremendous and every subsequent year just a lot of work for little reward.
Fruit in general seems to have suffered this year although we did have forever of strawberries. . I usually get 10-12 jars of raspberry jam from my local hedgerows this year I’ve had none. Also the Brambles aren’t looking too promising either.
Ive grown shallots rather than onions this year. They aren’t big but at least they’ve multiplied. Put the fork under them last night and will lift them Friday before the forecast rain.


My shallots grew but quite small and really eye-watering when you chop them. Elephant garlic about the size of a marble!


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we have picked a handful of ripe ones before today but OH came in to present about 10 nice red ones to me earlier, picked this very afternoon. Had a cpl on top of a pizza just now :hungry:

this is our first summer in this place and with a greenhouse so still learning but I think it was so chilly this spring and has been quite a poor summer, everything is very behind.


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I thought it was a bad year for allotment produce, but I've returned from a week away to an inevitable glut of enormous courgettes.

Looks like a bumper crop of sloes in the hedgerows.

Gin and Ratatoille time.
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