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    Why would you consult the min/max 'pressure marking' when inflating your tyres? The pressure you pump your tyres to is a figure (well two: front and rear differ) which you will 'know', as a sensible rider will check their pressures weekly and over the life of a tyre this information will become completely familiar (and it's not the 'max' shown on the tyre wall).
    It is aesthetic practice to align the maker's logo (on the side of the tyre) with the valve (to make it easier to find quickly - for those weekly pressure checks/top ups).

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    I have encountered one tyre (the horrible old Specialized Armadillo) where the "min" pressure was well above my usual pressure and was actually necessary for avoiding pinch flats.

    But if your rim has logos or markings near the valve, or if the spokes either side of the valve are a different colour, don't waste your time faffing with the tyre position IMO.
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    Most rims' 'maker's logo' are placed opposite the valve holes. From the side and above (ie standing up) the tyre wall is much more visible. What sort of esoteric/exhalted riding community are you inhabiting where riders have different coloured spokes? Is such use (eg Mavic Ksyrium) widespread in Norfolk?
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    I know people with Bianchis that have such spokes and I've have gazed very deeply upon them, as one often does with Bianchi.
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    Only book places to stay over the weekend. Then during the week (when accommodation usually is not a problem) of your tour you can take advantage of the weather and terrain and your legs to flex how far you ride each day.
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    Metal Tent pegs are often very thin, turn around and bend easily and can be quite heavy so take a few wooden square section ones that will hold the guy rope much tighter and make the tent firm firm and tight.
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    Don't go to bike touring stores or backpacking stores or websites and buy their expensive stuff, you can get just as good of stuff for far less money at either Walmart or Amazon, I got all my gear from Walmart and Amazon and probably saved $1,000 in doing so! And the gear I got has worked great, the only difference is a slight weight penalty of about a pound total which on a bike is easier to deal with then on my back. There is actually YouTube videos that show you this stuff, how to backpack on a budget. Also don't over buy stuff either, a lot of beginners go out and get a bunch of crap in the excitement of it all then figure out on their first backpacking journey they didn't need some of the stuff they got, so it's best to start out with minimal stuff and add to it if necessary as you go. There are also ways to eat cheap too, like buying microwaveable food and simply boiling water and placing a freezer bag with the food in it and put the bag into the water.




    Anyway do enough research and you will find a lot of cheap and light ideas.

    First aid kits you should make your own instead of buying a premade ones, read up on what you need and then stuff the supplies into a plastic baggy, also throw in some SuperGlue because it you cut yourself deeply enough to require stitches you could be in trouble if you can't sew and butterfly may not stick if it gets dirty or wet, but if you simply pinch the skin together and apply the glue it will seal it shut fast.
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    If you are considering cycling in rural Asia, especially India and South East Asia, get rabies shots. It is endemic to the countries in this region, and often it is the pets who carry the disease. The shots won't prevent the disease, but they give you time to get to a good hospital for treatment.
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