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Discussion in 'Touring and Adventure Cycling' started by Maggot, 10 Jul 2007.

  1. Eurostar

    Eurostar Veteran

    When low on water knock on someone's door and ask. This always seems to go better than you might think.

    Never ask anyone in America for directions. The only thing they know is how to get to the nearest Interstate.

    PaulSB mentioned vacuum bags for packing clothes. They're brilliant - not just for saving space but for speeding up packing and unpacking and generally reducing faff. Argos have them|rnd:8613663936046284535|dvc:c|adp:1o6|bku:1

    For a hot meal with no pans or plates or stove or boiling water, take a US army MRE (Meal Ready to Eat), a surprisingly tasty 1250 calorie meal, packed light and small, which comes with a Flameless Ration Heater - basically an envelope with clever chemicals in it. Each meal is about £10 on ebay. There are 24 different ones. Make sure the heater is included, some sellers don't provide them

    Fit a Mirrycle mirror to your bars. The best cycle mirror ever made - as good as a car mirror - and a far better contribution to your safety than a helmet if you ask me.

    Clip-on tri bar bars are soooo comfy and they give your hands a break. They also allow you to install hands-free drinking,q_80,w_636/17txbpd73i32cjpg.jpg Don't knock it til you've tried it!

    If you're masochistic enough to do high mileages in hot weather your sweaty, soaking shorts will start chafing your bits. It's agony, cos of the salt in your sweat. Even perfectly fitting flat seamed shorts do this. It's nappy rash, and is easily treated with any cream with zinc in it. If you can't get nappy rash cream, high factor sun block will do fine.

    A motion-sensitive alarmed cable lock is very small and light and may tell you when someone is rifling through your panniers when you're in the supermarket

    If you can't bear to be seen in Crocs there are lots of running shoes which weigh less than 300g per pair. They take less space in your bag than trainers or Crocs and you can use them for gentle hiking

    Some ultralight shoes: All the big name running shoe companies also have 'em.
  2. PaulSB

    PaulSB Guru

    Sudocream is great for the nappy rash........... also works on babies.
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  3. Dave Davenport

    Dave Davenport Guru

    'Each meal is about £10 on ebay'

    They'd have to be a damn site more than 'surprisingly' tasty for me to fork out ten quid for one, I like a nice three course meal with wine for that kind of money.
  4. Eurostar

    Eurostar Veteran

    It's a lot, but think how many high-tech chemicals you're getting! They have a shelf life of 3 years or something. And they have a spoon.
  5. Drago

    Drago Soiler of Y fronts

    Run your spare brake cables alongside the originals. It saves having to pack them elsewhere and makes it quicker to swap them into the bike when you need them.
  6. geoffnelder

    geoffnelder New Member

    Careful with a standard magnetic compass if you have steel bike frame!
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  7. tomshooter

    tomshooter Regular

    Hi all,
    A couple of years ago I wrote this book as a beginner's guide to cycle touring.
    It highlights a lot of the pitfalls I made when I first started touring and has plenty of hints and tips on equipment, training, nutrition, cooking, wild camping and loads more.
    If you could read and kindly write a review that would be excellent! Many thanks in advance.
  8. Twowheelxtc

    Twowheelxtc Active Member

    shower caps from hotels make great user/over covers for helmets in wet weather
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  9. Quilts like the Cumulus 250 which I used for the first time are so much better than the restrictive normal sleeping bags.

    You can't buy it from the UK, because of an agreement with a UK supplier who won't stock quilts but I got mine from here.

    Smaller, lighter, more room for movement for your arms, elastic to hold it to your sleeping mat so it stays put, no hood getting in the way (wear a beanie hat).
  10. Is your mobile phone on EE?

    If so you can get a rechargeable portable 2600mAh power battery pack good enough to re charge my mobile 3000mAh mobile up from 15% to 90% for the cost of a 35p text
    So text the word POWER to 365
    Walk into any EE shop and collect your battery pack.

    Info here

    This is a similar battery for £12.99

    I picked mine up today and it even has a mini torch built in. Perfect for a single night bivi/camping wild ride
  11. robing

    robing Senior Member

    A spare water bottle makes a great container for a pump, spares, keys etc. Particularly useful if you are leaving your luggage at hotel, campsite whatever and just want something to hold these items securely.
  12. Puddles

    Puddles Do I need to get the spray plaster out?

    If you have small people with you do not give them a treat of hot choclate too near bed time. They will piddle in your sleeping bag and you will wake up damp!
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  13. Hill Wimp

    Hill Wimp Fair weathered,fair minded but easily persuaded.

    Currently going through Europe ( The Netherlands,Belgium and France )

    We are now using google maps (cycle mode) whilst using roaming ( via vodafone £3 a day ) and GPS.

    I mention this purely as we had difficulty using either or google on pure GPS.

    Google maps has been brilliant through Holland. Belgium next week so lets hope it continues.
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  15. robing

    robing Senior Member

    And you can use them to cover your saddle to keep it dry when storing the bike outside.
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