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Top Touring Tips

Discussion in 'Touring and Adventure Cycling' started by Maggot, 10 Jul 2007.

  1. stuee147

    stuee147 Senior Member

    north ayrshire
    cut sections of drinking straws about 1 to 2 inch and carefully with a lighter and pliers seal 1 end (takes a bit of practice to seal well without burning lol ) then fill with shampoo, tothpaste, salt, peper or anything you can even do 3 or 4 inch long and fill with coffee powdered milk and sugar for a quick cuppa

    spare spokes work well as skewers to cook your bangers when you realise you have forgotten the pans lol

    also if like me you have a water pack if its clear as my gigger rig is if you put your cycle lamp against it so its shinning into the water it makes a great lantern for your tent also works with clear or opaque plastic bottles filled with water or juice if you want to have coloured light lol
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  2. stuee147

    stuee147 Senior Member

    north ayrshire
    just found this on you-tube thought it was quite good
  3. Domestique

    Domestique Über Member

    A lot of campsites seem to have hot water that runs at near boiling point, perfect for a cup of tea.
  4. Martin Rees

    Martin Rees Unleash the Geek

    Faversham, Kent
    has anyone tried to use a compass app on their phone rather than taking one? if so are they any good?
  5. Cycleops

    Cycleops Veteran

    Accra, Ghana
    Haven't tried one but as they work with your GPS they should be fine.
  6. toekneep

    toekneep Senior Member

    We carry ultra light absorbent kitchen sponges. They come in packs of three or four from most supermarkets and are a substitute for a traditional dish cloth. They proved to be invaluable on our recent long tour. These are our three favourite uses:
    You can take ninety percent of the water (weight) off the tent before you pack it on a dewy morning
    After a shower if you sponge down with one of these first a travel towel works much better
    When arriving wet-through to camp, wiping most of the water off your rain gear and panniers before putting them in the tent porch makes a huge difference.
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  7. ThompsonCrowley

    ThompsonCrowley Active Member

    That's totally right Rob. No matter, even if the sun is beaming and the air is dry, some dampness will be sure to find its way into the panniers. Have you seen the bigger magic towels? Curl up almost small enough to fit in your hand, but unfold large enough to dry with after a shower. And they dry really quickly too! And only 3 pound from BM's. Nice.
  8. BigonaBianchi

    BigonaBianchi Yes I can, Yes I am, Yes I did...Repeat.

    Only allow a woman into your tent at night
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  9. Licramite

    Licramite Über Member

    yea bears and squirrels are a no no.
  10. rm90

    rm90 Member

    What knives are you allowed to carry, uk/europe, I am guessing nothing above a swiss army knife, maybe not even that, mainly for cooking(chopping food) and a few other things, like cutting, string/ties etc, I take it a bigger knife is a no no?
  11. psmiffy

    psmiffy -

    I always carry a small sharp knife in a plastic sheath for cooking - not huge but bigger than the 3" UK restriction often quoted for carrying a knife in a public space - In europe it is not a problem - in UK I have always gone for the line that a) it is unlikely that I would be randomly stopped and the contents of my panniers searched for offensive weapons b) if I was I can claim "reasonable cause" and as such it always lives in my cooking stuff - obviously carrying in hand luggage for flights is a big no no
  12. badolki

    badolki Regular

    To get the best use out of your camp towel, i.e. avoid getting it too wet and having the hassle of trying to wash and dry it, check out these items at www.bodyflik.co.uk . I purchased the large one for home and the pocket version for travelling and find they do what they claim. I also have in my toolkit a length of gaffa tape wrapped around a piece of broom handle and a selection of cable ties which have proved their worth on several occasions.
  13. Dave Davenport

    Dave Davenport Guru

    Going out of Portsmouth to Caen last year I was stopped by customs (the only time either way of many trips) and after a somewhat cursory dip in my panniers the bloke asked me if I had any knives with me.
    Me; yes I've a small kitchen knife
    Him; no lock or flick knives?
    Me; err.. no.
    Him; ok off you go

    It seemed a bit odd as you can buy all sorts of pointy sharp things in France that are illegal in the UK and I'd hardly be smuggling flick knives from here to there, maybe he got mixed up and thought he was on the inbound side.
  14. Dave Davenport

    Dave Davenport Guru

    You won't be lonely, whenever we've been touring in northern Spain there seem to be thousands (mostly on foot but quite a few on bikes) doing it.
  15. mmmmartin

    mmmmartin Random geezer

    No you weren't, he was from Brittany Ferries security. Exactly the same thing happened to several of us when the FNRttC went to France last year.
    I think it might be because there are restrictions on what foot passengers are allowed to carry on to the boat and bikes count as foot passengers. Now, there's nothing to stop a car driver carrying a knife in the car and walking on to the boat with it. Nor is there anything that stops a foot passenger acquiring a knife from the kitchens on the boat. And I've never seen it at any other ferry terminal in Europe.