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Discussion in 'Touring and Adventure Cycling' started by User, 17 Apr 2008.

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    E B C do the traveller and explorer for £399 & £599

    Evans have got quite a few in the touring section under the £700 mark from Dawes ... Cannondale ... Claud Butler ... Raliegh & Ridgeback

    If you convert a crosser what would the cost of kitting it out with racks and mudguards etc etc be ? and would that take you over the original £700 limit ?

    I've just bought some mudguards a rear rack and a trunk bag for my mountain bike and it cost me just under £100

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    What type of touring will you be doing User ?

    I was chatting to the owner of my LBS about this only today whilst we were sorting out my rack and bag and i was saying that i really fancy the Kona Sutra which is £900 (without Panniers etc etc) and he said for the type of cycling that i do (Day Rides) on my own and canal towpath type rides with the family and friends i would be throwing my money away on a bike i dont need, and he advised me to have a look at some of the top end Hybrids so i'm going to have a test ride on a 2008 Mongoose Crossway 850 (£499.00) which he has coming in towards the end of the month

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    I'm pretty new to this cycling lark really ... but would you be better off looking at Audax bikes ? from what i gather they are pretty much a fast light weight tourer which would seem to fulfill all of your requirements

    I'm sure someone that actually knows about these things will put me right before long though :tongue:

  5. Muddyfox

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    Dawes Audax Sport 2008 Touring Bike


  6. Muddyfox

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    I would imagine that Dawes are probably one of the biggest names in touring bikes so their quality control would be pretty good ?

    But i guess theirs nothing worse than buying someone's product that has refused to shower you with freebies for a charity tour :tongue: :angry: :sad:

  7. Muddyfox

    Muddyfox Veteran

    No offence User ... it was an attempt at some light hearted humour hence the 3 winkies

  8. if you're looking more at Audax type bikes, i have just picked up a Brevet frame from Thorn that they are discontinuing; list price is £399 but they agreed to £299 as they had run out of the Audax mk3, it came with forks, headset and seat post. It has braze ons for rack etc. If you can wait another couple of months they'll have more of the Mk3 frames in again. (My commuter frame broke and so i wanted a replacement asap and wanted steel (i don't have a beard or sandals :tongue:)) If you're more able than i am you could build up one of these frames and come in about £700.

    Hope you find what your looking for and make the change to drops and a road based bike, you'll be surprised just how much quicker you get around for the same effort:smile::angry:

  9. Muddyfox

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    Security Alert ... Unauthorised Access (insert siren noise here) :angry:
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    I recently bought a TREK 1.2 triple and am loving it. LBS fitted a light rear rack and a rack pack when I bought it. Adequate clearance for full guards over 25s. I'd be happy using smallish "front" panniers on the rear rack for lightweight B&B touring. Even a 1-man tent on the rack.
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    Sounds a good deal, but you loose a lot of the benefit of buying via Cycle To Work if you don't get everything from one supplier - though I guess SJS would sell you all the parts you need to build up a bike.

    I kind of share Mr Paul's concerns about Dawes, but still think they are worth a look. Spa Cycles are selling the Audax Supreme for £695.

    Personally I am building myself up to buy a Paul Hewitt Cheviot through the Cycle To Work scheme, as he gets so many rave reviews, offers a fitting service, and will build it exactly as I want. The net cost should still be well below £700 if you buy through Cycle To Work.
  12. I'd recommend what I always recommend at this point ... a secondhand Galaxy. You should be able to get two for £700.

    ... oh, hang on, I've missed the point haven't I? This is a Cycle to Work scheme thing. Sorry.:becool:
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    Meanwood, Leeds
    Even so, a s/h Galaxy comes in well under the cycle to work scheme pricing..

    My £200 s//h Galaxy has done LEJOG, JOGLE, 1/2 dozen coast to coasts 50+ Audaxes and utility rides and still serving me well.

    It's also worth remembering that there's many a whisper about bike prices being hikes later this year because of raw material cost rises and deteriorating exchange rates
  14. Danny

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    A Thorn Club Tour would also come in at well below £700 if bought through Cycle To Work.
  15. Bigwig

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    Ridgeback Horizon

    I have a 2008 Ridgeback Horizon which I am really impressed with, £499 list price. Looks miles better than the Dawes (IMHO). Has drops and a carbon fork, which is pretty good for 500 quid, only downsides are full Sora (which isn't a problem unless you are a bike snob :angry:).

    I use it for commuting and longer rides, very happy so far. Looks even slicker with the mud guards removed :smile:

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