Touring Checklist Help!?!?


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Hi all,

I was just after some advice really, myself and 'Jmetz' are setting off on our tour of the Lake District on Sunday morning (which will last for 6 days - and see us coming back through Yorkshire).

We are leaving from Blackburn and there is just the two of us - everything we take is going to be loaded onto our panniers!

Please can you view the equipment list below and possibly suggest items that we have missed off, and also ones that we don't really need (it's our first tour you see)...

Equipment List:

The obvious:
Cycling Shorts x2
Hi-Vis Vest
Water Bottle x2
Wind-proof Cycling Jacket
Cycling Tops x3
Cycling Glasses/Sun Glasses
Inner Tubes x2
P - Repair Kit
1st Aid Kit
Bike Locks

Sleeping Mat
Sleeping Bag
Face Cloth
Toilet Roll
Tooth Brush + Paste
Hand Towel
Tracksuit Bottoms
T-Shirts x 3
Waterproof Top
Underwear x 5
Multi Tool, inc. Allen keys and knife etc...
Face Wipes
Evening Trainers
Knife + Forks
Energy Bars
Trainer Socks x 5
Socks x 3
Roll of Bin Bags
Cable Ties
Cling Film
Body Wash
Hat (Bob)

(Note: We will be buying disposable BBQ's during the day for the nights, and eating at cafe's ect...)

Here is my checklist: I usually camp for around 60 nights a year.

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Do you need a windproof and a waterproof jacket?
I only take a waterproof.
Make the clothing as lightweight as possible. I take lightweight trousers that you can zip off to make shorts. Tracky bottoms are quite, heavy, bulky and horrible when wet.


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Some quick thoughts:smile:
face cloth and face wipes? ditch the wipes.
torch? it's midsummer, are you going caving?do you really need a torch?
phone? you're on holiday, leave it at home.
2 tubes? one is plenty, your only going to the Lake District.
body wash? would soap take up less space/weight?
waterproof/hoody/cycling top? cut back there.
toilet roll? for 5 days? use serviettes picked up on cafe visits.

Enjoy yourselves:smile::smile:


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bikepacker said:
Here is my checklist: I usually camp for around 60 nights a year.
Thanks, that's a great help...

Thanks 'rich p' and 'snorri', some good weight saving tips!

How do you suggest we keep warm at night if we're to cut back on the hoody/tracky bottoms ect, are there any secrets?

Also, does anyone have any general tips that could also help? :tongue:

rich p

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Well ,you'll need some evening gear it's true, but I was suggesting lighter weight items. Some cycling shirts will double up but I roll up a couple of cotton shirts into a very small bundle. Helly Hansen type vests etc.


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I think you've gone a bit sock happy - 8 pairs in all? Two of each sort, max, rinse one pair out in the evening, dry overnight, and if not fully dry, peg to the outside of your pannier for a bit the next day...

(and so, a couple of light clothes pegs or bulldog clips - very useful to have for all sorts of things..)

I'd also say 3 t-shirts was overkill - if you're not going to be running about in them sweating, cut down to 2 and alternate...

I'm off tomorrow for 2 weeks - albeit not camping, and with the chance to do a little laundry along the way at hotels. I'm taking:

Cycling wear: two pairs shorts, two tops, one long sleeved jersey, one ultra light waterproof jacket. Cycling shoes (spds), I'll rinse each days' stuff through in the hotel, and it should be dry the next day.

Other clothes: 4 pairs of pants, two pairs of socks, 2 bras. One pair Ronhill bikesters, one pair 3/4 length trousers, a couple of t-shirts, one thin fleece sweater, one pair of non-cycling shoes (sneaker type). One top for sleeping in, one pair very thin pyjama bottoms. Everything chosen to be light, and quick drying if possible.

Other: washkit - half a toothbrush, plus travel toothpaste tube, one bar hotel soap in a little plastic bag, folding hairbrush. Tools, repair kit, pump, 2 tubes (two different sizes needed for the trike). Lights. Little first aid kit.

I'll be carrying the whole lot in two small 'panniers' (actually adapted rucksacks) and a handlebar bag.


You've forgotten wet wipes! Wet wipes are a must! Especially if you get a puncture and get oil all over your hands.

Compass - really?
Evening Trainers - i'd take flip flops instead - much lighter
Roll of Bin Bags - just take a few plastic bags
Torch - just use your bike light
Cling Film - what for?

Are you taking a travel towel? I would.
Also, it's nice to have some sort of pillow. Maybe light blow-up one. Or stuff a pillow case with clothes.


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definately giving us a useful insight into what to carry, and perhaps what not!, we are doing it with two panniers and obviously the space on the top of the rack.


Make sure you have glue in your puncture repair kit. Don't find out it had run out and you hadn't packed the refill like I did yesterday:blush:. That's where having more than one spare tube can come in handy.

I wouldn't take a torch unless it's a headtorch. I went out and bought one of these on my first tour for reading in the tent of an evening but that was later in the year when daylight was shorter. Otherwise just use a bike light.

Make sure you have enough changes of clothes to wear at night if it gets cold and if you get wet. There's nothing more likely to ruin your trip than a bad night's sleep and not being able to change into dry clothes.
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