Track frame on the road - good idea?


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I need a winter project and have been thinking about trying fixed. I have been offered a Cannondale track frame for £70 (incl. front wheel, forks, seat post and cranks) - is this an acceptable price? - and also, is a track frame on the road a good idea, or is it going to be too harsh/twitchy/uncompromising? I don't intend to do big miles on it, just local rides on dry days.


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Sounds like a good deal whatever you do with it..........


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i have two track frames i ride on the road. and a road frame i also ride on the road. it largely depends just how 'track' the track frame is, but it sounds like a no-brainer, go for it.


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...or drill the fork crown. Track frames are fine on the road (as long as you like it lively). I've done Dunwich on one xx(
ghitchen said:
I was wondering about that. Won't know until I see it, but worse case I buy another ser of forks that will.
Take great care mixing fork-offsets and head angles. Slacker head angles require more offset and vise versa. Getting it wrong will land you with some mighty ugly handling. Probably better off drilling the crown IMO.


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I saw the frame last night. Turns out it isn't a track frame at all but an MTB frame with track ends. Not what I wanted at all, but thanks for the advice.

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If it's still available, let me know and I would be interested. If you can put me in contact with the seller I'd be grateful.

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