Traffic levels back up - well, it was nice whilst it lasted


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Definitely some idiot drivers out today, and car parks I passed were absolutely rammed with cars, as were nearby verges.
Not great standards of driving.

Not letting it spoil a lovely day though, and there were still huge numbers of families out on bikes.

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Still a lot quieter than normal here, I drove to Leamington Spa this afternoon and though it wasn't quiet traffic levels were well down on what would be normal for a Saturday afternoon. What was noticeable was the extra bike traffic, well up on usual levels.


The traffic levels are more busier now sadly. Lots of crazy motorcyclists came past me today almost spitting me into the hedge. This awful lock down we've had will also be remembered for the time the humble cyclist could enjoy riding a bike along main roads and feel safe. It was a taste of what it was like before cars dominated the highways many moons ago.
Whilst the lock down was in full swing i saw hardly any road kill but this week gone I'm seeing more and more wildlife struck down.

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Quiet on my 40 miler to Folkestone and back this morning.


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It's not increased much here in Poshshire.

T'was on the news yesterday that 44% of the workforce have been working from home, an astonishing figure if true. If that is the case it's fair to say that a fair few wont ever go back (Twitter are closing several of their big office buildings in the UK and allowing home working ad nauseam, for example) so with luck the levels may never reach the previous peak around here.


Seems to be erratic, some roads suddenly busy then relatively quite and others relatively quite, suspect it's due to what's open when.


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I think it will just go around in circles in due course.

Our company will be offering more home working and have already shut down the small office in Paris. In the UK we are looking to reduce floor space. Then in a few years a new boss will come and say bums on seats and we will buy more office space lol.


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The only real way to improve things is have a better cycling infrastructure;

a. more practical/secure parking for bicycles
b. proper cycling lanes instead of a half-arsed segmented white line painted on a road that is covered in crap, pot holes and results is close/careless passing by motor vehicles as well as having crap thrown into you.
c. like other countries the government needs to push it and make the roads safe for it most at risk road users (but it won't as it can fleece the motorist blind to its hearts content)
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Lots of motor bikes here on quiet country lanes, I guess because their traditional gathering spots like Settle market place have been closed down.
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