Traffic levels back up - well, it was nice whilst it lasted


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I thought police didn't have powers to enforce the 2m social distancing because it isn't law.
Abdsolutely they don't.


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When lock down is finally gone we'll all go back to the way we were and thousands more will die. Leavers and Remainers. Old & Young, rich and poor. Govt isn't capable of learning nor are the people as a rule.
Walking home from work last night I saw a group of teens/early 20's in a large group, hidden from the Police eye as they drive past but having a very close, social gathering. Covid 19 will come back with a vengeance. Probably because we've all got it coming to us


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Well I had to go through Bradford on the way home yesterday & this afternoon, it's like there is no lockdown, the roads are clogged with vehicles, people wandering around all over with no social distancing, then to cap it off I saw two blokes selling fruit & veg on a street corner out of a ratty old luton van with people queuing shoulder to shoulder waiting to buy stuff, a cars queuing to get into KFC drive through, theres got to be huge spike in Covid 19 cases there, the Police were no where to be seen, yet just up the road just north of Keighley there were Police cars lurking round every corner, but it was generally quiet, every where else I've been over the last few weeks have been like ghost towns still.
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Private vehicle use is on the increase locally. To the extent that parking enforcement officers are back on the streets. Driver's taking advantage of the parking fee's being waived, and parking wherever they feel like. Pedestrianised areas included, walking has gone out of fashion it seems.

I think some would drive into the shops if they could.


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Out for a ride today mostly on country lanes north of York, and I'd say that traffic levels were pretty much back up to where they were pre-lockdown.

The quality of the driving was also close to pre-lockdown standards - I.e. generally abysmal.
Driving standard is worse in my opinion, you have some who haven’t driven in a few months.
Then you have the idiots who have been racing around on empty roads, that aren’t empty anymore.
It’s only a matter of time before a serious incident occurs near me, I ventured out for the first time in a long time yesterday, I had a group of horses incoming but I could hear a car from behind, I waved him to slow down, but no he blasted between me and the horses.

No consideration, respect for other road users.
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Driving around London is still what it was like 30 years ago . I managed to get to Waltham cross and back to Twickenham in 2 and a half hours TWICE !
That’s a 50 mile round trip on the 406 how is that good? That’s about the same as on a bike.
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