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Can the ebikes cope with 100 miles , asking as they are now allowed in the London 100
I did my first ebike ride yesterday, set off with 5 bars did 33 miles, 1550 ft climbing & as I came back within the last 5 miles it dropped to 4 bars, I did ride a good chunk with the motor on off.


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I recently did a uk cycle event ride on my domane+ & when registering I was asked if I was using a ebike, all the other riders seemed impressed that my bike was even a ebike
36 miles 3000ft elevation 2 bars used,


Yay, they've updated the policy for 2020.

Thanks for your email. Yes, for the first time in 2020 E bikes will be able to enter the Etape, provided that it is a UK road legal bike with maximum electro speed of 15.5 MPH and rated power output of 250 watts or less.
See you there then. I've signed up for it but if they have finally relented I may well try and talk Mrs Slick in to joining me. :okay:


An ebike used for a sportive by a rider who possibly couldn't finish said event without a little assistance. No problems with seeing them

Using an ebike for recovery to make zone 2 ride possible over hilly terrain- no need to come out of lower zones by increasing assistance. Great idea.

I might convert my commuter bike in the future for such assistance
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