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Am I overtraining. About to embark on a mammoth training schedule. I've been cycling for a few years now and have a reasonable level of fitness, really want to push myself this year so I've devised this training schedule

Monday - bkool hill repeats. Commute
Tuesday- core/strength training. Commute
Wednesday - bkool session hill repeats. Commute
Thursday- circuits/spin class/leg work . Commute
Friday- Commute
Saturday bkool- long hard climb alp de huez etc etc
Sunday- long ride

My commute is 7 miles there 7 miles back. So taking it easy on the tuesday and Friday would kind of give my legs a rest day.


What are you training for?


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Ride your bike more (extend your commute, leave half an hour earlier, ride the long way home).
Join a club to be pushed.
Lose weight if you need to


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Is that week 1? How does it change in week 2, 3 etc. Or do you plan on doing the same stuff every week?

To me, it looks pretty poor but your background information and goals are not specific enough to offer any real feedback other than.... Back to the drawing board.


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I would just drop the bkool stuff on commute days and just push harder on the commute.

Then when you cant commute use the bkool, otherwise unless your training for something specific it will start to become a chore and you'll lose the enjoyment of riding


To basically get my avg speed up and get faster on hills
Those were pretty much my objectives when I started 3+ years ago. I wasn't overweight so that wasn't a concern for me but if you are, then losing weight will help on those hills. I didn't have a structured training plan but chose to ride my bike as often as I could, gently increasing my mileage and time in the saddle.
You might be surprised at how far that can get you.


No such thing as overtraining, only under eating and under sleeping ;)

PS, before I'm lynched I must point out that's not my view, just a mantra oft spoken in 'lifting circles.


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Personally I'd make Monday a rest/recovery day. The long ride on Sunday may need more than 24 hours for decent recovery, even tho it should be at 60-70% effort. That way you will be fully recovered for the higher intensity exercise starting Tuesday.


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As others have said - it makes more sense to tailor a training schedule to a specific goal than something as loose as To basically get my avg speed up and get faster on hills as this will happen over time anyway. If those are your only goals then simply riding your bike more will get you there.
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