Transferring build to new frame


Moortown, Leeds
Just seeing what I need to check when swapping frames out i.e. headset and things. I want to move from a Rose DX Pro to a Mason Definition so I just have the one all rounder rather than running two bikes which is fast becoming expensive.

I will no doubt get the LBS to swap the kit over but need some advice on what to check before I start ordering a frame and it turns out very expensive or no use.



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I recently got a new frame. My old one had a 73mm bottom bracket shell and the new one has a 68mm shell. It has given me a couple of issues with the getting the crank and chainline right. The new frame also has a shorter headtube too so I should get away with just using a simple spacer.

I have posted myself hoping the nice people here can offer some advice on the crank issue. It may be that I need to get a new chainring at a minimum which will not be too bad.

Best of luck. I hope it works out well.
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