Trek MTB Size Guide

Dan Ferris

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Hi All
a quick question on Trek MTB sizing. I'm 5"5 and looking through the website it looks like both Small and Medium frames would suit. Unfortunatly with the current restrictions i'm unable to go and try but my desire to purchase is getting stronger.

I was wondering whether anyone else of similar (restrictied ;-) ) height has bought and what size you have gone for



I'm not sure specifically about Trek but I'm the same size as you and would almost always go for a small frame. They aren't as stretched out so you can throw them around more.

Treks size guide recommends up to 5'6 for a small and 5'6+ for a medium so still think it should be a small frame.

Probably worth waiting a few if weeks if buying new so you can try one out rather than finding you bought the wrong size.
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