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any decathlon store, or check out their website


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I've just bought a Triban 3 for my son aged 13 and we are delighted with it; I showed it to a roadie neighbour and challenged him to put a price on in; he reckoned £500. Once of the cycling mags has just tested it and they reckoned it was the best value bike they have ever tested. It really is excellent and it rides very nicely. We are doing the C2C in two weeks and my son will be riding it.


I was all set to go buy one this afternoon from the Reading branch. Phoned in advance as they are 30 miles away - Sold out!!!!
Phoned Surrey Quays - they have 27 Triban 3's in stock. Just waiting for a job in Central London and I will go pick one up with mudguards rack & panniers as my commuter.
For £300 it's very hard to bike up a decent 2nd bike on EBay. I have been looking , but the increased popularity of cycling has pushed the used bike market into overdrive. People are more aware of what's good/bad.

As it's going to be my work horse - great price and 2 year warranty.

Anyone tell me what size tyres they take , is it 25C ?


not surprised it meant to be a good bike. went to evans cycles to check out what size frame i am got on one turns out im a 54cm. so will need to order instore from them. when the money becomes avaliable
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