Tricross Elite Disc Or Boardman CX Pro

Discussion in 'Bikes and Buying Advice - What Bike?' started by grumpyoldgit, 14 Aug 2012.

  1. grumpyoldgit

    grumpyoldgit Über Member

    Is the Tricross worth an extra £300?Boardman seems pretty well specced for £900.
    Any thoughts,or other options?
  2. Nigel_A

    Nigel_A Regular

    Basel, Switzerland
    I have the Boardman and have really enjoyed riding it as second bike to a Super6. The brakes are really good, though the the bar levers are a waste of time and reduce bar space for stuff. I would recommend it. You do have to be careful on the sizing though - medium equated to a 56. Can't comment on the competition.
  3. tigger

    tigger Über Member

    As above. I bought a CX Team a week ago and I'm delighted with it. I don't think there's a CX bike with a similar standard spec anywhere near the price of the Boardman. Looks cool, reasonably light and rides very nicely indeed - comfortably, stiff and motors out of the saddle. Its a very good alround bike for road, tracks and commutes. £810 with British Cycling discount... hard to pass up

    The other bike on my shortlist was the Ridley X Bow disc (2013) with 105 and (reportedly) BB7 discs - £1050. Not sure if they are out yet but I understand they're due to hit shops any day. Worth a look too if you want something a bit different and are happy to pay a bit more....
  4. tigger

    tigger Über Member

    Agree. Think I'll take these off at some point.
  5. PK99

    PK99 Guru

    I have a Tricross disc elite and also bought one for MrsPK - never a problem from day with either bike plus the LBS swapped out saddle for my wife and did a mi bike fit plus will change the stem at no cost a 6 week service if not workingout.

    a fiend bought a Boardman from Halfords and has had multiple problems - some of which Halfords quibbled about rectifying eg failed shifter after 3 weeks.

    Tricross is a fantastic bike (had two previous pre disc models) plus I prefer the triple to the Boardman double. but that is more personal choice and terrain you ride. i finde the bar top brakes very useful esp i town traffic as they allow a higher viewpoint.

    btw the bikes arrive at the dealer in bits, berore build up is the best time to ask them to leave off the bar top brakes
  6. Nigel_A

    Nigel_A Regular

    Basel, Switzerland
    I confess that I added an 11-32 cassette to my Boardman (using the SRAM climbers kit with the Rival rear mech) and therefore get triple gears on a double. Works well - not as clunky as I feared.
    Bought mine from Wiggle - out of box just needed rear mech fitted and wheels put on. Frame is very stiff and great when climbing hard (and at my weight climbing is always hard ...)
  7. I really like my Tricross Elite, it's now my main commuter and offroad bike.
    Have had a few niggles though, had to have the qr skewers replaced under warranty as they weren't holding the front wheel tight enough, also the stock tyres started to de-laminate so were replaced (refunded) after 1000 miles.

    Squealy brakes aside, it is now set up and running as I want it, full guards, rack, 35mm road tyres etc.
    Just passed the 3000 mile mark the other day, only bought it at the back end of last year :thumbsup:
  8. Mike!

    Mike! Veteran

    Boardman CX has been great for me and I too like the cross top levers for town riding.

    No issues with it so far, the brakes did take a good 150 miles to bed in and needed constant adjustment during this time but are now much better. Did have a charge spoon saddle on it for a while but that is now on my best bike, not getting on with the standard boardman saddle so that will be swapped for another spoon.

    It's setup with 700x30 tyres, full guards and a rack making a perfect commuter for me!
  9. OP

    grumpyoldgit Über Member

    The shop that offered me the pro now tell me they cant get it,seems nobody can.taking a look at a Whyte Saxon Cross as an altrenative.
  10. rowdin

    rowdin Terence david

    You can get the boardman cx team in halfords, it might not be as well speced as the pro but still a very good bike.
  11. Saundie

    Saundie Senior Member

    I've been doing some research on bikes in this vein recently, as I am looking for a replacement for my On-One Pompetamine. My favourite so far is the Jamis Nova Race. It features Avid BB7 brakes and a (mostly) Tiagra groupset for less than a grand;

    The only downside is that it's not available for another 6 weeks.

    There's also Evans own brand (Pinnacle) CX bike, which is slightly more expensive but has a 105 and Tiagra mix, and still has Avid BB7s;

    At the same price bracket, there's the Norco Threshold (mostly the same 105/Tiagra mix, different disc brakes though);
  12. Noodley

    Noodley Guest

    I was in the LBS yesterday and having a chat about the increase in popularity of CX bikes and disk brakes. Specialized are introducing a wider range of CX bikes with disc brakes for next year, and introducing disk brake options on some of their other bikes as well (if I picked up the person I was speaking to correctly!) Not sure if this information is of benefit or not...
  13. Noodley

    Noodley Guest

  14. They are putting them on the Secteur, if I'd known this last year I might have waited and got one of those instead of the Tricross :unsure:
  15. Saundie

    Saundie Senior Member

    Noodley, the news of the Secteur Disc is indeed very interesting;

    They have a shot of it on the scales, it's a good 3lb lighter than the Jamis Nova Race I linked to. Will be interesting to see how much it costs, because I am very interested in it now;


    Edit: it has occurred to me that it's not a CX bike, and so doesn't have as much clearance for mudguards and big tyres, and the cable routing is not ideal for shouldering the bike. Still, if grumpyoldgit wants it to commute rather than race on, it may still be a relevant option!
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