Tried to knock a bloke of his bike today


Walked home from work this evening (left the bike at home today) when I did my best to knock a bloke of his bike.

Walking along the pavement with a couple walking towards me side by side - the pavement just wide enough for the three of us to pass - when a guy in his 20's came cycling towards me from behind the couple and at a fair pace to be on the pavement.

He saw that there wasn't going to be enough room to get between us but instead of slowing down, he gave a grin and stamped on the pedals, just squeezing between myself and the startled couple. As he passed me I managed to push him on the shoulder/upper arm almost hard enough to knock him off.

Barriers there to stop him being knocked in front of traffic and he eventually recovered. I did stop in case he wanted an explanation but he carried on without a backward glance.

Better book myself in for some more anger management therapy.


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Ohh.......... calm down... calm down......


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I have to admit that evil-me has tried to put the same idea in my head on occasio :smile: But evil-me really is a bit of a whimp and hasn't yet come close to winning out :ohmy:

It's just the odd one who seems to think it's perfectly OK to cycle on the path at top speed with pedestrains around :angry:
Sounds like the cyclist (if you can call him that) was a plank but your actions could of had pretty severe consequences too.


I had a near miss with a pavement cyclist today as I walked along a footpath (which is narrow and windy between houses on an estate, with trees and bushes so you can't see a long way ahead)

A 20ish year old came haring round a blind corner at me and I just got out the way and he swerved.

I called him a tosser which he clearly was :smile:

Pushing him off - I think that's a step too far - seriously you could hurt someone badly if they happen to fall unluckily. An aggressive shout is enough I reckon.


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It's easy sitting in judgement from the comfort of one's computer. Just be aware said ned or to$$er could feel suitably aggrieved to come after you, or call a few mates, then you'd be up sh1t creek.

I suspect in the instant story, the only people who could be of help or act as witnesses, would be the couple also walking along the pavement, who no doubt would soon clear off not wanting to get involved. You might then be well and truly kippered ;).


hackbike 666 said:
Yeah but what happens if one of these morons hits you then?

He'd be gone like a shot.

What's your point - do you think vbc was right to knock him into the railings?

Clearly the cyclist was in the wrong, but what rights of vengeance would you advocate?

Pushing him off (he could die in a worst case scenario), getting sweary at him like I did today?

He didn't hit either of us - he was a pavement cyclist, like so many.

I don't agree with them and I say something to them if appropriate, but I wouldn't push anyone off a moving bike. It's just inappropriate and too dangerous.


A few days ago I was walking to pick my little one up from the nursery. My other half had dropped her off earlier on her bike but as the child seat won't fit my bike, I was pushing an empty buggy with me.

Round the corner on the narrow pavement came a 20 year old on an old steel bike, assuming I was going to stand right over to one side to let him through. I didn't and he tried to get past me on the kerb stones, slowed, wobbled, tried to put his foot down while staying the saddle - but that foot was now over the road surface having missed the kerb.

It's the only time I've seen anyone have a clipless moment without the benefit of clipless pedals! Very quiet road I may add.
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