Trivial things that please you beyond all expectations

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@Jameshow oh how the sarcasm is lost on me.

In dad mode though; take something that can made to sound different by changing a letter like “Jaws” to “paws”, “soap” to “soup”.

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Realising that strange noise from my bike is in fact coming from a building site I am passing.

cougie uk

Nonsense. Or you never ride to the places other cyclists ride - often all the good places are taken.
(I prefer to lay mine on the ground than lean it somewhere vulnerable.)

Ground works too.

I remember riding up Alpe d'Huez in the glory days of Team CSC.

They had a huuuge fan club and had clearly booked a hotel for celebrating the Tours arrival.

There were hundreds of identical team painted Cervelos outside.
Stacked up 5 or 6 deep.

How anyone got the right bike back is beyond me.

Still no bike stands mind.


@Jameshow oh how the sarcasm is lost on me.

In dad mode though; take something that can made to sound different by changing a letter like “Jaws” to “paws”, “soap” to “soup”.

I explained to my A level biology daughter the very basics of the heart and eye she was not amused!

Our men's shed have built some large planters in the village and I take great delight in making sure we pass them and pointing them out!
I have achieved 100% Success for nine days now.

D*mn; missed it.
Youngest Son is looking for a new Saturday job because he wants more money, capitalist that he is. There's an opportunity in the local Edeka (Local version of Waitrose) and after talking with his current boss asked for a reference. Current boss said "Let us know the pay and conditions because we may be able to match them if it keeps you here".

Youngest Son just sent a copy of the reference which practically glows.

I've advised that if he's offered the new job he should start a bidding war.

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I went to the laundry/launderette today. As the washing machine was going round I was shocked to see a black cotton shoe bag in my washing. It must've been one of mine, though sometimes things are left in machines by previous users. Anyway, I've hand washed these shoe bags before and noticed loads of dye comes out, so I feared that black dye would get on my clothes, towels etc. Luckily I put 5 colour catchers in my wash. I always do, thinking for about 30p's worth of colour catchers I could be saving myself lots of hassle! As I apprehensively emptied the machine and checked my load of washed clothes and stuff I was happy to see no black dye had got onto anything and the colour catchers had gone from white to dark grey! :okay:
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.... I'm not totally convinced this really happened as shown. What are the chances of the cat in the goldfish bowl *actually* waiting patiently in there, and not hopping out and destroying the domino trail that surrounds him/her??

It's also obviously the same three cats repeatedly in different places.

I expect the dominoes were set up with the door closed, food placed in bowl, cat follows food, bowl including munching cat carried into room and set amidst dominoes, as cat finished eating first domino toppled just off camera, cat distracted by dominoes.

And probably the first three times the cat moved faster...
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