Truck kills 3 cyclists and injures 3 others


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That is not good

As for this comment ffs :smile:

Who should have right of way? Those who pay for it of course in license fees, Gas Taxes and many other expenses that motorists have to pay in order to use the road. What taxes are charged to cyclists for using the roadways?



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My brother lives in Michigan and he doesn't dare ride on the road, he says you are extremely likely to be wiped out by some dozy driver texting. Texting while driving is not illegal.


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hackbike 666 said:
Motorists have got a bee in their bonnets about this road tax thing and it wont clear now.
I don't really have a problem if people fuss about us not "paying"...but as an argument when people are killed is a little pathetic.


The accident is sad, tragic and horrific. What is truly reprehensible is the comment made some very sick people on the CBC site. This is not good.


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"The biggest problem is the fact that cyclists "think" they own our roads.

I would be a $1000 that one of the cyclists moved over to avoid a rough patch and inadvertently moved over too far and got clipped. The momentum of the cyclist who got struck took the others with them."

i stopped reading after this comment because it just makes my blood boil



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In UK I don't think the vehicle road tax goes towards the roads, does it?
In the UK, all roads apart from motorways and some trunk roads, are funded by council tax. Most people who ride cycles also pay council tax. Motorways and some trunk roads are paid for out of 'general taxation', of which Vehicle Excise Duty (your tax disc) represents a miniscule sum.
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