Tubeless on non tubeless rim ?


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Hi all. Not been on here for a while so I'll apologise if this been posted elsewhere.
I kind of feel like iv done this the hard way.....let me explain.
New Giant TCR purchased in spring of this year... absolutely love it. Came with the light Giant carbon rims which were tubeless ready. Before I purchased the bike I had been in the lucky situation to be able to get my hands on a set of the amazing Campag Shamal Mille wheels. These were pretty much in new condition and they were a bargain which couldn't be turned down. I immediately sold the Giant wheels on and started using the shamals. They have been superb, probably the best wheelset i'v i'v ridden so far.
However i'v now been well and truly bitten by the tubeless bug :/
My question then after all this typing is....
Has anyone actually tried to fit tubeless tyres on a non tubeless ready rim ?
...can it be done ?
I know it's not recommended but curious to see if anyone has made a successful job of it.
Will I be in a better situation as my wheels have no spoke holes ?

Many thanks in advance

* These are not the 2 way fit version btw


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Many people ghetto tubeless in the MTB world (including myself at one time). Some people do it on road wheels (and pressures. Personally I am not willing to risk it as although my teeth are not perfect, I do like them.

In short it is possible, but personally I would not recommend it.
The inner tube you are losing plays no part in keeping the tyre on the rim.

A solid spoke bed will help seal the installation, but what you don't have is the ledged spoke bed profile of a tubeless ready rim which helps the tyre bead to seal on the rim.

No harm in giving tubeless a try, although if it doesn't work be prepared for a lot of mess and frustration.
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