tucking trousers into socks


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I guess most utility cylists tuck their trousers into their socks rather than using cycling clips.

In the pub the other day I saw a couple of girls nudging and pointing and admiring my gritty look whilst I was getting the drinks in at the bar.

In fact it makes me dizzy to have to bend down and unsock my trousers so I just leave them in most of the day at work, pub or supermarket.

The stormtrooper vibe is not going away anytime soon, my friends.


I don't just stop there...I also tuck my shirt into my pants.
Better safe than sorry.


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Belvedere, Kent.
Rhythm Thief said:
"The old man had a thing about wasps and always wore bicycle clips when mowing the lawn." A million pounds and a month in Corfu to the first person who can identify that quote.

Rawlinson End. (Stanshall).

(isn't google search great!!)


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Off you ****ing go then ashtraycheat.
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