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Howdy folks

So, I’ve moved out of London and down to Tunbridge Wells in December.

For various reasons I’ve barely been on the bike since, having done an hour every day commuting in London.

I’m keen to get going but the town centre is a) very busy with impatient motorists and b) blinking hilly.

Anyone know some decent spots which are reachable by bike? I don’t want to have to put the bike on the car and drive to somewhere decent to ride


I'm about 20 miles north of you, so don't know the cycling routes in and out of T'wells, but I know you are in the middle of beautiful country side. Just get and explore. The café at Ightham Mote (National Trust, but you don't need to be a member for access to the café), would make a good destination and stretch your climbing legs.



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Cycling around T Wells town is a nightmare it’s bad enough driving.

Penshurst area is nice, around Groombridge, head into Ashdown forest.

Hard to avoid hills.


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Thanks all - did a lunchtime ride out to Bells Yew Green and back.

7 miles and about 40 mins so that was perfect for lunch break and a decent ride - lots of gold descent esp on the way there and then a little bit of a struggle back!


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Im in Edenbridge, moved from london last july.
Only just got into cycling properly the last 2 months.
Ive been riding to haysden country park i make a 20/30 mile round trip.

Head down to crowbrough and it gets really hilly! Tried it once but not been brave enough to have another go!
Eventually id like to go through crowbrough into uckfield and back, about 40 miles.
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