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looking for help with upcoming purchase of indoor turbo trainer ... Zwift compatible.... wheel on, any decent offers around , second hand / new any thoughts or advice most welcome....budget less that 500


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My son's got an Elite Zumo. A bit loud but appears to be quite accurate for Zwift and Zwift racing. It was pretty easy to set up and cost us £425 from Halfords, less BC's 10% discount.


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Good luck in getting one - they are like rocking horse poo, and second hand prices are sky high. Basic but reliable Smart trainer, the Tacx T2240, under £200. Had mine 4 years.


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I managed to get the Elite Novo Smart at the beginning of April.
I was doing a search and spotted one in stock in a Halfords in Edinburgh which is 2 miles from where our daughter lives. She did a click and collect and then shipped it to me down here on the South Coast.

The Novo smart is a Halfords own brand, further investigation revealed that it is a rebadged Elite Qubo.

I've no previous experience of Smart trainers but it was easy to set up and seems quite accurate with regard to effort on (virtual) hills etc.

We set it up with my wife's bike and although the bike is too small for me we swap out our own seatpost/saddle between rides and it's OK.
Currently just over 500km into a virtual LeJog using the Rouvy app.

£180 from Halfords.


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Following on from this one - Anyone know a bike trainer which will work with a Brompton?


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Following on from this one - Anyone know a bike trainer which will work with a Brompton?
I looked into it a while back and it's not really practicable. The " Wheel On" turbos use a skewer which the Brompton chain tensioner doesn't suit, plus the wheels are too small ( someone did try adapting a trainer with bits of wood to try and get a working solution but it was a bit of a kludge and not too stable IIRC)

I believe that the " Roller" trainers would work but they looked very " fall offable" from what I could see.
I've not seen a smart turbo available lately for less than £850 but after discount last year I got an Elite Suito for just over £500, the Elite Sumo is cheaper but has no cassette and I think the old Elite Directo was available at the time for similar money. Ironically I upgraded my turbo back then (going Smart) when I was told chemo would stop me getting out, it didn't but I didn't expect to be using it now :rolleyes:


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I use a Tacx 2240, does all of the above and cost me £100 off ebay (before lockdown though)
added an ANT+ dongle and use it on a 32" tv.
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