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As part of my New Year resolutions I have decided to get bike fit this year before getting out on the road. A bit too wet and cold for me this time of the year; I know I should MTFU.

I Had a turbo trainer I had bought late last year so set it up. I used it a couple of times and found it a little boring, this morning I put you tube on my smart TV and found a short high intensity turbo workout, I actually enjoyed my turbo session this morning!

I am now to find a few different longer ones, 30 to 45 minutes. Any suggestions?


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welsh dragon

Thanks but no thanks. I think I'll pass.
Can't do a link, but try lucaseq77. He does a lot of videos cycling outside in America. They are quite good. There are lots of videos, just type indoor cycling, or turbo training, or spin classes. Loads will come up.

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I bought a turbo this Xmas and I've got to say it's made a real difference to my cycling on the road. My speed has gone up 1mph and I feel fitter. I only use it on the days I can't get out and yes it's boring but I find the 45 min you tube

View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zSFYRiqodvU
really good.
It's interval training and you know you've done it if you know what I mean!

Great for shaking it up and weight loss as well



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I like this one if I am pushed for time.

I normally use the first video in the thread by CTXC, but there is this slightly longer one by them. The views are nice and they ride on the correct side of the road.^_^
90 Minute Indoor Trainer Workout:

View: http://youtu.be/M45BSE6Qz3E


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Just had a look at the Sufferfest site and I think I'll stick with the CTXT videos which provide a rider’s view from within a team of normal cyclists rather than super fit athletes. At least I can con myself into believing I stand a chance of keeping up with the normal cyclists.
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