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Accy cyclist

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I thought this dumbo craze died out in the 1970's but it looks like it still amuses the lesser intelligent ones out there. Cycling towards some traffic lights the other day i stopped to try and work out what colour they were on as some idiot had climbed up the light and turned it round to face traffic coming from the other direction. I had to work out if it was safe to go as the pelican lights had also been turned around,but this didn't seem to register with the div behind who kept beeping me to move on! Obviously clever clogs behind felt safe in his metal box,but i didn't so i carefully maneuvered through the danger zone much to his annoyance. Has anyone else recently experienced lights turn around stupidity if so what are their opinions on it?


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In Kinshasa they have metal men who display red or green panels and swivel though 45 degrees to control the traffic:


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On a regular basis, but to be fair in most cases I think it is caused by lorries turning and knocking the lights, that is why they are on a swivel in the first place
Seen one the other day, that's what I thought happened.
Accy cyclist

Accy cyclist

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Only Accrington is populated with knobheads.

And there was me thinking that Leeds is the capital of knobhead society!
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