Tyne cycling tunnel to reopen


Girl from the North Country
Not going to hold my breath. They've been going to re-open it a few times in the last couple of years. It's taken longer for the refurbishment than it did to build in the first place :smile:


Not going to hold my breath. They've been going to re-open it a few times in the last couple of years. It's taken longer for the refurbishment than it did to build in the first place :smile:
I did find the neglect mentioned in the article rather sad. How long has it been closed now?


Girl from the North Country
About 5 or 6 years I think. I don't often head that way but it was nice to be able to easily cross the river without thinking about ferry times or having cash for the ferry. You could also make a circular route using ferry & tunnel or one of the bridges & the the tunnel.

I expect by the time it re-opens it'll have lost all the regular commuters - including pedestrains - who used it. There was a replacement bus service but I don't know if that's been running all the time it's been closed.

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The tunnel authorities are now saying 'we are set to reopen in April 2019'.

Which is this month, so high excitement.

As Anne says, it's been shut since about 2012, and we've had several 'set to reopen' dates since then.

Construction work was delayed by the finding of asbestos, and at least one contractor going to the wall.

The replacement bus service has a bike trailer - most of the time - but there has been at least one instance of a bike falling off it which has rather dented its popularity.

Again as Anne says, the tunnel was handy as a crossing point of the Tyne.

My group has pitched up at the Shields ferry a couple of times to find it not operating.

That means an extra 15 or so miles to get back to Sunderland because the nearest route is via the Blinking Eye bridge at Newcastle.

Being able to pop through the pipe would alleviate that anxiety, as well as being a route in itself.



16 million is a lot of money but shouldn't complain when it's for what looks like a magnificent piece of infrastructure. I've never even heard of them but if they do open, instead of just passing through on the way to the overnight boat, I'll hang around and spend a bit of time to explore them. I love the history of things like this.
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I remember the cycle and pedestrian tunnels, used to ride through them in the 60's.
The air was always cold and had a distinct odour.

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High excitement - the tunnel has reopened enabling my Sunday group to give it a go.

Less exciting is the inclined platform lift is not working, although you can see the glass box that will eventually run up and down.

The original escalators are also not escalating, but you can walk them.

Not a realistic option with a heavy ebike, although my roadie mate Steve carried his bike down.

The rest of us used the passenger lift, which is not very big - two bikes unless you hoik them onto their back wheels which gives space for three at a pinch.

Fair bit of waiting around, not least because there was a steady stream of other cyclists coming through.

The tunnel itself looks just the same.

Not that there was anything wrong with it, but after six years and goodness how many millions, we were expecting it to have been refurbished.

Makes me wonder where all the money went.

That aside, it is handy to have another Tyne crossing open again because it allows for more route variations around here.
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