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Hello all

I have the Boardman hybrid comp and really getting on well with it. During my commute there's a small off road element but I find I can cope with the stiff frame and small tyres with ease.

I do however want to play a little at the weekends and I'm quite happy to swap tyres around as required by the occasion. I'm looking for something a little larger (can get 38's on the bike) but as play will be some fast rolling and some muddy tracks (generally on the same ride) I'm confused about what to go for. I did consider Schwalbe Marathons as they seem robust and would probably roll easy but not sure they have enough grip.

Please can anyone suggest something preferably £30 or less ish that may do?

Many thanks

Tight Git

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I'm running Vittoria Randonneur tyres in 28c on my Boardman hybrid. A lot lighter than the Marathon + on my wife's bike and so far had no problems with them.

Not sure how large they go up to but not expensive at about! £20 each.


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