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Hi all,

I was not too sure in which forum this should be categorised but anyway; I have changed my tyres on my adventure/gravel bike from quite knobbly mtb type tyres to tubeless Panaracer gravel kings but they feel really odd. The rounded profile of the tyre seems to make the bike less stable than a flatter surface did on the road. Is this something i need to get used to?

Perhaps without the sluggish knobbly tyres the handling is more sensitive (twitchy) and combine this with the lower wheel weight the bike could well feel very different. How much have you ridden on the new tyres? It could well be something you will adjust to once you clock up more miles.
If you’re running tubeless, you could try reducing the tyre pressure by a few psi, it might help. You can get away with much lower pressures than a typical tubed clincher set up ( dependant on rim and tyre combo ) for example you can ride a 700c 25 mm tubeless set up with 50-60 psi with no adverse handling, and almost suspension like comfort.


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I've noticed that some tyres do seem to encourage the bike to roll from side to side more than others. New Veloflex Corsas do because they have such fantastic grip right round the tread.


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Of course, you could have tried explaining what you meant instead of trying to get clever about it....
Well I was thinking exactly the same about you, so I'll let you think about it, it's so obvious for such a knowledgeable person as you clearly believe you are


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No, @Phaeton , not "so obvious" to me either. I, like @I like Skol am unworthy / insufficiently knowledgeable, so be a good chap: just explain it to us.
It is possible to mount a tyre so that one side of the tyre touching the rim is further forward/backwards of the one on the other side which means that the tread pattern is twisted therefore it may have a tendency to cause the bike to pull to one side. I have also seen a poor manufactured tyre where the tread pattern was for want of a better word corrupted so on each turn of the wheel at that point it tried to change direction very slightly causing a wobble


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It won't do what the OP is describing though - poorly seated tyre - never seen a tyre 'twist' - I've seen them bobble up and down and a slight wobble due to the bead not seating at the same height, but for a 'twisted tyre' it's usually a damaged tyre - not generally relevant here with new tyres !

The reason it 'feeling different' will be because of the switch from very knobbly to less knobly so they will "feel" different. It's nothing to worry about, and we are introducing a whole load of 'baloney' that will just confuse the OP.

A few miles on them and the OP won't notice.

Also tyre being new, it may have mould release agent on them which can affect handling until scrubbed off, especially in the wet.
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